…I’m a high school art teacher and painter.

Erika, Laika the bull terrier, and I live in the San Francisco Bay area.

4 Responses to “Me?”

  1. You would be good at Tango…me too, i think. 🙂 Oh, and E too!

  2. Mark Gleason!

    So you finally left the Wilton school system for the west coast! I am not sure why but for some reason I had this random high school art class memory which made me start wondering what you might be up to. It might have been the regular play KID A has been getting recently. I can never hear that album without conjuring up some images of drawing class.
    Besides that, how have you been? How is Palo Alto treating you? I love the Bay area, I actually have a couple of Aunts that live out there in Sausalito. I was just there visiting a couple years ago. I’ve been out there a few times but got a chance to explore San Francisco solo and just wander around.
    Anyway, I am living here in Utah, just bought a house in November in a little city called Pleasant Grove nestled up against the mountains. I have been married now for just shy of 3 and a half years with my wife Luciane. She is from Curitiba, Brazil but somehow found her way out to Utah where we met. But I have been lucky enough to have spent a month down in Brazil visiting family and beach hopping. Personally, I could buy a little house there and find whatever work possible and just enjoy the rest of my life! I have learned a bit of portuguese more understanding than speaking but I got by okay.
    Other than that there isn’t too much to say. I spent about 2 years at Brigham Young University which was not the best school experience. Good school, great Graphic Arts program but otherwise I was a fish out of water.
    So I have been slacking on my art since but working on my music with increasing dedication.
    I have to run, but send me an email. It would be great to hear from you because you were an inspiration to me in HS and a great teacher.


    Chris Merkley

  3. Mark,

    I am not sure if you have seen any work by Shinya Kimura but he rebuilds engines of old motorcycles from the ground up and transforms them into incredible machines. There aren’t any OCC junk, no biker crosses or even paint jobs to be found in his work, only completely unique design and pure metal manipulated into something more organic than mechanical. It is worth checking out his website not only for the bikes but for the blog called ‘murmurs’ which has some good content as well.

    His website is:

    But there is also a beautifully shot short by Henrik Hansen about Shinya Kimura that I have become obsessed with. It was shot purely with a Canon 5d and 7d.

    the link is:



  4. Hi Mark,
    Just an old friend from the past stopping by to say hi!! MIss you and hope you are well!! Congrats on your success!! Hope you keep in touch!! Are you coming back to CT soon??? Kathy!

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