A Slow Chant

This piece still stands as strong as it did when it hit the streets in ’82. It’s sort of the What’s Goin’ On of hip hop, introducing a grim voicing of society’s concerns to a genre then dominated by Sugar Hill’s good times.

Oddly enough, Grandmaster Flash himself doesn’t actually appear in this recording. He was the glue that held together a crew of performers. The vocal itself is by session musician Duke Bootee, lip-synced by member Raheim in the video, and the tensions that mounted as this rap gained popularity caused the band to diverge.

The Message: 


~ by markgleason on January 2, 2012.

One Response to “A Slow Chant”

  1. It would be very very sad to just read the lyrics without the music. Strange how you can slip any kind of message into the spoon full of music and it becomes a hit. The more authentic the message the better. Pop music can be a pressure release valve I guess. I always liked the song because it was catchy.

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